From The Burns Beneath Her Skin

She tiptoed into my life,
Her aura gleaming,
A bright red,
There was a hint of pink and some of blue.
It was scattered all around,
Strong and fully formed.
I could feel it reach me across the room.
It wrapped around me, warm and comforting.
It could soothe my pulse and race it, all at once.

She bestowed upon me a hint of joy,
Her eyes glistened with Felicity,
Something about her smile, I felt, reflected pain,
There settled sore and long covered wounds.
She laughed, often, and everytime she would, it cracked in the middle and anguishment seeped through it.

The warmth that she could spread
Was from the burns that had etched beneath her skin.


Through the stretch of greens

Air filled in her lungs,
Her eyes reflected little,
The light that could reach her through the dense foliage,
She walked through the green-brown corridor,
The trees swayed and her hair blew across her face,
With each step she took the leaves crumpled beneath her feet,
She stopped, her eyes fixed on a blood red flower, a flower fully flushed and bloomed, gently dangling from the upper branch of a nearby tree,
Several of its kind delicately stooped downward from the bent branches spread across the sky,

She walked, again, towards the other end,
Another gush of wind blew against her face,

The blisters below her bare feet started to ooze out blood again, rubbing against the abrasive road,
Sweat ran down her cheeks, alongside with her tears,
Her eyes glistened with misery,

She reached a band of white and wine flowers embedded in a cluster leaves and twigs hanging from tiny little plants,
The petals perfectly curled against each other,

She pushed two shrubs apart and moved further onto the path,
The air so full of moisture, dense and profuse,
She swallowed it down her throat,

She walked through the alluring and harmonious, heavenly stretch of the greens.
She walked through the green-brown canopy with bruised knee’s.


My World

I live with the stardust on my skin,
But then I also believe in dragons: iron and fire scaled,
In my world,
There are the bright, flowery gardens,
And crops which are failed,
The world where smiles are worth of gold,
And teardrops, when they come, they come tenfold,

There when you’re stabbed in the chest, you can expect to survive,
In my world when you drown in an ocean,
You suffocate, but you don’t die.


Walk Back Here, Dear Sir

Raindrops happened to fall across the sky,
Somehow directed right onto me,
Clothes soaked, dry throat.

You stood right at the corner of the street,
Staring with a wide warm smile lying on your face,
To which right now,
I wasn’t drawn or repeled.

Frozen at point, lost in right now;
I didn’t know what i want,
I didn’t know why had I stopped.
I looked at your smile, lying on your face,

I wanted to reach you, again,
But I waited too long,
I had loved you, I still do,
But waiting, I’d Forgotten how to walk along.

I knew, or maybe not,
Was it raining or was this a draught?

Walk back, you’re not too far gone,
Walk back its not been that long,
Walk back, don’t just stand there,
Walk back I want not to turn from here,
Walk back, sir, dear sir.
Walk back here.



The world fades away, everyday,
It’s edges dip into the sky of darkness,
Broken ends along which they spin,
Each moon; always wrong,
And each of you; an ephemeral.
Heavy vacuum packed in the space between all of you,
Breathing the colours.
Bright-Light drizzles; rain stopped.
Damped in time.

The eye focused on the faded edges as the sphere deforms,
And then the breeze washes it’s blurs.